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Create and Set up a new diary

An unlimited number of diaries can be used on each project. Especially on large construction projects, it can be useful to use separate diaries for each construction part (subproject). For project general information the main project diary is used in this case. Important subcontractors can run their own independent diaries. Some special construction works may demand separate diaries too. Buildary makes all these options easy to manage.

If you have a proven system how to divide your project into diaries, there is no reason to change it. Buildary will support the way of work you are used to.

Creating a new diary

You can access the diary list by selecting Select Diary in the menu in the top right corner of the window.

Open Diary window contains a list of diaries of the current construction project. You can create a new diary with the button Create a new diary button or you can open the existing diary by clicking on the line with the diary name.

If you need to create a diary as a copy of an existing diary, you can use the button Create a diary as a copy button. When creating a diary as a copy, all the settings are copied from a chosen existing diary. You can decide to copy a list of authorized persons too. You can save a lot of configuration work this way.

In the New Diary window, you can fill in the diary information.

Diary Type You can select the diary type from the list that suits you the best. Diary type affects sorting in the list of project diaries. There are no functional differences between the types.

Diary owner You can select a company that is responsible for the diary. It may be a contractor or a subcontractor.

Building permit you can choose information about the type of document under which is the construction project carried out.

Diary start date Fill in the starting date of the diary. Daily entries are checked against this date. Daily entries can not precede this date. When locked, the report of this day must be locked as a first report in the diary.

Diary finish date Fill in this day only when you want to close the diary. You can not write daily entries after this date.

Working hours You can write a text description eg: “Working hours 7:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00. Lunch break: 12:00-13:00” . The text from this field will be inserted automatically every day to the note in the “Labour” section.

Number of Hours in Working day The number is a default value for working hours in “Labour” and “Plants” sections.

Signature Time Limit You can set up time in minutes after which the day is locked for signing. Once the limit has expired without signing, the day will be unlocked again for further work. A signed file uploaded after the limit is rejected. The default setting should work well if you work with the diary in a recommended way as described in the Report signing help part.

Number of signature fields in daily report You can decide how many signature fields should be created at the end of a daily report.

Editace informací a loga v deníku

Once you have filled in and saved the data in the New diary window, you can edit this information by selecting “Diary Information”, “Diary title page” section. In this window, it is possible to select the Title page image of the diary. You can choose from the three default options, or you can upload your own image. There are recommended dimensions stated, but the image will be adjusted if it doesn't meet exactly the size. Left and Right Logo can be set for the diary. For newly created diaries, the left logo is taken from the domain settings, and the right logo is filled by default. An example can be seen in the picture. We recommend using white-coloured logos with a transparent background (eg. in png format).

Diary setup

Before you start to enter data into the diary, it is a good idea to customize the diary settings to suit your needs the best. The diary is divided into daily report sections and the content of each section can be set up individually. If there are more diaries on the project, they can be set up in different ways.

To open a diary settings window, press the button Diary settings button on the right side of the diary heading. The second way is to press the Edit button Edit button in the “Open diary” window.

Diary set up window contains several tabs.

Main info

The window contains data entered and explained in the diary creating help part. At the bottom part of the window, you can change the order of the diary sections using the arrows icons. The order changes for both the screen and the daily report in a PDF file.


In this tab, you set the hours you want to record the weather data. The default values are 6,12,18. You can add more hours by pressing +, or remove the hours by pressing the x button.

The daily report will generate a data row for each hour.

Field Settings offers the maximum list of fields you can fill in in the Weather section. By default, they are all set to Standard field , so all fields will be visible in the diary. If you want to reduce the number of data, select Hidden field . To ensure that the field is always filled in, set it to Required field .

Labour, Plants, Materials,….

All other tabs have the same behaviour. They always contain a full list of section fields.

By default, all fields are set to Standard field , so all fields will be offered. If you want to reduce the number of data to enter, select Hidden field . To ensure that the field is always filled in, set it to Required field .

If you change any data, save it with the Save button. Each tab is saved separately.

If you want to change the settings in multiple diaries in the same way, make a change to one of them, save it, and then use the “Copy the settings to other diaries” button Copy the settings to other diaries to copy the settings to the selected diaries. A list of diaries will be provided, in which you can tick the ones you want to copy the current diary settings into.

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