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Introduction is an application designed to maintain a construction project diary in electronic form. Diaries are kept to provide a complete picture of the project, covering both the normal work processes and anything unusual that might have occurred on the project. The diary is used to document work progress, site conditions, labour and equipment usage, and the contractor’s ability (or inability) to perform his/her work., and can provide valuable information necessary to accurately reconstruct the events of the project in preparation of a claim. The diaries will become an important part of the project records if the project is subjected to audit, investigation, or litigation. as a cloud application grants access to any authorized person anytime and anywhere provided Internet connection is available. application is run in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Data is protected against unauthorized access, loss or abuse. Its data are guaranteed not to leave the territory of the European Union.

Web site

We recommend that you launch the application from the site where the latest application-related news and the best practice are published.

Legislation compliance

Writing a construction diary is a legal obligation in some countries. In others, it is considered optional but very useful. Our solution meets the most demanding legislative requirements. Buildary supports certificate signature which is necessary for construction diary digital form in some countries. PDF report signed with a qualified certificate signature is a legally binding document which can stand as evidence during any litigation.

Experiences and ideas for further development

Our company has 25 years of experience in construction industry software. That does not mean we know everything and we have nothing to learn. Exactly opposite. We welcome and appreciate any feedback from our users and their suggestions for further development. We promise to take all the remarks seriously and analyse them thoroughly. We consider close cooperation with our users to be a key success factor.

Do not hesitate to contact us, please.

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