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Non-working days

The term “Non-working day” is a day without data in Buildary. The day is locked. This day is skipped in signing sequence.

The “non-working day” option can be found in the drop-down menu on the right-top side of the window. With this option, you will lock the selected day without any data. If there are any data previously entered, this option will delete it (after confirmation). If the data were entered by another user, he must delete them before.

A non-working day can be changed back to the working day, but only until the following day is not locked.

Non-working days are underlined with the grey colour.

Buildary will not allow you to lock the day that precedes an empty or unlocked day. This is because the diary pages must be numbered sequentially. Therefore, the days must be locked one after another. If the day is empty because there was no work on construction site performed, mark it as “Not-working day”.

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