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The term Domain was introduced in Buildary so that it is possible to cover projects of one customer and to create common settings for these projects. The domain is especially important for company customers. Most of the Buildary users are not bothered with a domain. Any user who first enters Buildary will gain his personal domain automatically. In his personal domain, the user has full permissions and his permissions can't be limited by any other user.

For companies, we strongly recommend creating their own company domain. The company domain can be created by any user who becomes a domain owner. This gives him administrative permissions described in a separate chapter. The domain administrator can set up the other domain users' permissions.

Domain seting up

When to set up a domain? Build a domain if you want to work in Buildary as a company that has its own projects and its own users.

If you only work on projects where you are invited or you have your private construction (such as your family home) then your personal domain is enough. You don't need to set up a company domain.

A new domain can be created using Domain management option in the menu in the top right corner of the window.

You will always see your personal domain In the first row. I the other rows there are domains you have created or you were invited into. We recommend that you keep your own domain for testing and set up a separate domain for your company. The new domain is created by the Add button Add button

In the New Domain window, you can enter the domain name, company information, and set up whether the company is usually an employer (owner) or a contractor. This is just the default information that can be modified in each project individually.

When creating a new domain, the First logo will be used as a default. You can delete it or replace it with your company logo. As it will be displayed on a dark background, we recommend the logo in white or light colour. The logo set in your domain will be used as a default logo on the left side in each newly created diary. It will be displayed in the Buildary application and in PDF reports.

Domain users

You need to open an editing window for entering domain users with edit button Edit button in the domain list window.

There are two tabs in the Domain management window. You can add and edit users in the Domain Users tab. Enter only your company users to the company domain. Users from external companies shouldn't be part of your domain users list (they will be invited to the projects individually).

You can assign appropriate permissions to the users in your domain. A detailed description of user permissions is provided in a separate help section.

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