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Project and Project team set up

You must have appropriate permission assigned in the domain to create and configure your project. If you work in your private domain, you own these permissions as default. If you work in a company domain, you need Create new project permission to create one and/or Administrate project permission to edit data in Companies, Members, Company roles and Member roles tabs. For more information, see part User permission

Project set up

You can access the project list either by clicking on the project name in the window header or by using the Select project option in the top right corner menu.

You can create a new project by using Add button Add project button in the project list window.

Domain - you need to choose a domain to which the new project will be added. You can see only the domains in which you have a “Create new project” permission. If you don't see the domain you need, contact your domain administrator to create a new project for you or to grant you the necessary permission.

Project name – enter full project name.

Project short name - this short (20 character chain) project name is used when the full project name is too long. For example on your mobile device or in the report file names.

Phase - select a current project phase from the list.

Project commencement and completion date - project contract dates.

Project location - project location text description.

GPS coordinates – enter project location GPS coordinates. The information is necessary for weather forecast server communication. We recommend using the map to enter the coordinates. The map can be open with the button Map button on the right of the coordination fields.

Project timezone – the timezone is selected automatically according to project GPS coordinates. There should be no reason to change it manually. The timezone is necessary for weather forecast server communication.

When you open the map, the application will try to find your current location, and you may be asked to enable the access to your location information. Clicking on the map places the cursor on the position of the project. Press the OK button to confirm the position and transfer the coordinates to the application.


Once the project has been created, additional tabs are displayed. The Companies tab contains all companies that are participating in the construction project. You can access this window at any time later using “Project settings” button in the top right corner.

The first item on this list is always domain owner company. The role and other company information are taken from the domain settings.

You can add other companies with the button Tlačítko Přidat

Company role - Select a role from a preset list. Additional roles can be added on the Compan Role tab.

Company Name and Identification - fill in the company name, company ID and other business details

Companies are listed in order as they are inserted, so we recommend starting with the main participants - the employer/owner, the contractor, the designer and then the subcontractors and other companies.

You can expand the company information so that it's members can be seen. You can assign members to the company immediately when you create new project team members. Or you can do it any time later using the “ Adding company member” icon.

Company Roles

In this list, the most common roles of companies on the construction site are predefined. You can add your own roles, specific to your project. Company role can also be renamed.

If you rename the default roles on the list, try not to change the meaning of the role. We recommend creating new role than renaming the existing one.

Team Members

The Members tab contains a list of people who form the project team of the construction project. Every person should be assigned to a particular company.

You can insert new members using the icon Tlačítko Přidat after filling in the edit line.

The meaning of the data fields is obvious from their names.

If a user already has a Buildary account, the telephone number will be taken from the information provided in the user account. Please be sure that the user E-mail on the account and on the team member list do match.

After inserting a new member of the project team, an invitation is sent to his/her E-mail address. From now on, the user has access to the project.

Access to the project doesn't mean that user can enter any dairy. He/she must be added to the diary as an authorized person to be able to enter and work in it.

Team Member Roles

There is a list of roles that can be assigned to the team members in the project diaries. There are permissions defined with each role.

You can create custom roles or even edit default roles. Renaming default role is recommended only if it doesn't change the meaning of the role.

The meaning of each permission is described in detail in a separate help chapter “User Permissions”.

A role is assigned to the user in the “Diary identification”, “Authorized persons” section.

Other Entry Cotegories

There is a list of options which can be assigned to the diary entries in the “Other entry” section. This section contains the most important diary entries and these categories help you to organize and filter the entries easily. You can edit the existing or create new categories according to your needs.

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