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Daily entries

Daily records are the most important part of the construction project diary. Records should be entered on the same day or as soon as possible. Buildary doesn't have any restriction or limitation on when the data are to be entered. It is up to the user's decision when he/she enters the data and whether he/she locks the day.

The daily report is divided into sections which contain diary entries. The order and content of these sections can be customized by the user according to his/her needs.

A daily report in the PDF format file that contains all the daily entries, including all attachments is the result of users work in The day is locked permanently against any subsequent changes after daily report signing.

Locking of the daily entries is irreversible in the current version. We consider changing this feature in the future.

More users can insert data at the same time in the same diary. But the rule is that each user can edit or delete only the records he/she has entered (before the day is locked).

It is impossible that one user would change the data entered by another user, regardless of the permission settings.

You can save a lot of work if you copy the information from one of the previous days and then edit it to fit the current day. You can copy each section data individually or choose to copy the whole day at one time. The data for each section is copied separately using the two-document icon located in the section header. In the calendar select the day from which you want to copy the data. After copying, a message with the number of copied records is displayed.

The “Copy a Day” option fills in the “Weather” section (it does not copy, but downloads the current data from the server) and allows you to check which sections you want to copy data into. All sections are checked by default, except for “Other entries”.

Entering daily records

To open the daily report window, select “Daily Entries” in the left application panel.

The heading of the daily report window is the last seven days row, with the current day opening as default. We switch between days by selecting the date in this row. If you need to move beyond the days displayed, use the calendar icon at the left of the row.

Days in the date row are underlined in different colours. Colours describe the status of the day that changes over time:

Red - the day does not contain any data
Blue - the day already has some data inserted but is not locked
Yellow - the day is in signing stage and is temporarily locked
Green - the day is permanently locked
Gray - the non-working day, the day does not contain any data and is locked

In the main window, there are individual sections containing the daily entries.

  • To enter weather data, labour, plants, materials and works, the user (authorized person) must have a role with “Regular Records” permission enabled.
  • To insert other entries, the user (authorized person) must have a role with “Other Entries” permission enabled.

Weather section

With the cloud icon, you will fill in the weather data. The necessary condition is to have GPS coordinates entered in your project information. The values retrieved from the server can be edited manually. You can describe how the weather influences the construction site condition in the note.

All data must be saved. Both the weather and the note data are saved at the same time with the “Save” button.

It does not matter at what time you import the weather data. The server uses either already measured values from the nearest meteorological station or uses a forecast. It depends on what data the server has at its disposal at the moment.

Labour section

This list contains labour present on construction site. The individual names or only company and number of its workers can be entered. You can choose number per profession option either. It depends on diary section settings described in “Diary set up” help part.

The employees by name option:

By company option:

By profession option:

In the edit line, you will fill in the data according to the section settings. In the Surname and Name field, a list of previously entered data is suggested. By selecting from the list, the complete data row is filled in.

You can find a list of previously entered data in the other fields too.

In all cases, the values from the current diary and section are offered. No values from other diaries are available. The only exception is “Contractor” field which collects data from all diary sections.

To save the data filled in the edit line, press +.

Connection to the attendance system on site is possible, and we recommend it. If you consider integration with your attendance system, please contact us at

You can add a note to this section that is saved with a separate “Save” button.

Plants section

The data entry is similar to that in the “Labour” section. The set of fields to be filled in depends on the section settings. Also in this section, you can add a note that is saved with a separate “Save” button.

Materials and technological equipment section

The data entry is similar to that in the “Labour” section. The set of fields to be filled in depends on the section settings. Also in this section, you can add a note that is saved with a separate “Save” button.

No images found.

Works performed section

You can enter text of any length describing the work done on the site. It is recommended to divide the text into multiple records. You can also fill in the contractor, quantity and unit of measure if the fields are set up.

You can also insert attachments with the “Clip” icon or by dragging them into the Attachments field. Any file can be used as an attachment. Images files are recognised by the application and are displayed as a preview. You can open the attachment by double-clicking.

The entry in the “Works performed” section is saved with the + icon.

Other entries section

This section contains the most important diary entries. In default permission settings all authorized persons may enter data in this section. The entry description can contain texts of any length. The “Categories” field offers a list of predefined options. You can adjust the list in the project set up window. The Categories are used to divide your records into groups or filter them. The “Specification” field is used to identify the entry subject precisely. Together with Category, it can be used for sorting and filtering of diary entries. Example: If you choose “Hidden part call to check” category, then fill in “Foundation Reinforcement” in the specification field. You will use this information in case you need to filter all foundation reinforcement calls to check.

The author and his/her role are always listed with Other entries.

The “Other entry” section records have their report available with the document icon in the top right corner of the record. This report automatically becomes an attachment of the “Daily report”.

Other records should be signed by their author to lock them. If he/she does not have a signature certificate, it is possible to upload a signed protocol scan to lock it. Details on signing reports are described in a separate help part.

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