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Diary identification

Diary identification data represent Part A of the construction project diary. This part consists of the following sections:

- Project and diary title pages

- List of authorized persons and their roles in the project.

- List o project documents divided into four parts.

You can export diary identification data into the PDF file, using the icon at the bottom of the title page.

Diary title page

All the information in the Diary title page is described in detail in the Diary set up part. Diary information can be edited at any time during the project. Do not forget to save your changes.

Authorized persons and their permissions in the diary

In the diary, you need to create a list of Authorized persons who are responsible for the diary or are allowed to enter records in it.

Diary authorized persons are selected from the Project Members List (a list maintained in the Project set up).

Select a person first, and then assign it a role .

Chartered engineers Documents of charted engineers or any personal qualification documents can be added to the list of authorized persons.

The qualification document is added as an attachment to the title pages file in PDF, so it becomes an integral part of the diary.

User permissions result from his/her role in the diary. The same user may have different roles and therefore different permissions in several diaries of the same project.

A list of roles and its permission setting is maintained in the Project set up window.

Project documents

Project documents are organized into four sections. The name of the section defines the content. The document can be just mentioned in the list or can be attached in electronic form.

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